Scarlet Street

Title: Scarlet Street
Description: Kitty is certainly a femme fatale, although hints are dropped that she is an inherently decent person who has become completely corrupted by Johnny. Being the most naive, Robinson is also the most sympathetic. But even he eventually turns to crime to fulfill his passions. But while Scarlet Street has elements of film noir, it is in reality a black comedy. While Robinson plays it straight throughout, Bennett and Duryea camp it up marvelously. Bennett laughs when Robinson claims to be a painter: "And here I had you pegged as a cashier!" She also has to suppress laughter when Robinson reveals that he is married, and shock when Duryea passes her off as the mysterious painter.
Tags: Film-Noir, Drama, Black Comedy, Fritz Lang
Performers: Edward G. Robinson, Joan Bennett, Dan Duryea
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Channel: Crime - Mystery, Film Noir, Comedy
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